Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be there?

No. Of course, you are welcome to be there if you want, but it is not necessary. {For real estate purposes, you can just send me the one day lock box code and your photos will be done in no time.}

How do I get my files?


I like to use Google Drive or Dropbox to transfer the files to you. If you have another file transfer site you like to use, just let me now and we can use whatever is easiest for you.

How do I pay you?

After the job has been completed, and you've recieved your files, I will email you an electronic payment receipt from Square payment services. It is safe, easy, and convienent to use for everyone.

Is there a late fee for not paying my invoice?


You have 7 days to pay your invoice. If the payment has not been recieved by then, there is a $10 a day late fee.

Do you charge for mileage after a certain distance?


I will do 30 miles round trip at no charge. That covers a large portion of the Portland area. Anything over that is $0.58 a mile.

What are my rights to the photos shot by Ryan Beane Photography?


Photos may be listed to social media sites as long as credit is given to Ryan Beane Photography. 

Making payment signifies your acceptance of the rights to the photos. Ryan Beane Photography retains full rights to the photos and may post, publish or sell anywhere or to anyone. 

{For real estate agents} Photos may only be used for the sole purpose of marketing the listing photographed by Ryan Beane Photography.