Highest Quality Images


All of my photography and virtual tours are processed to be high resolution HDR images sized for MLS and Print. I like to use low imapct HDR techniques without a ton of contrast crush to adequetly capture the full spectrum of light and sharpness available in each image.

Showcase Your Listing


Listings with photos taken by a professional photographer generate 61% more views according to research by real estate listing sites. I strive to give you the most visually stunning images that will catch the buyer's eye every time.

24 Hour Turnaround


I understand the market can be crazy, and houses need to be listed fast. I gaurantee a quick turnaround time on all photos to help you list your house faster. I will always be on time, and houses typically only take around an hour to photograph.



I always shoot with Nikon full frame cameras and use FX wide angle lenses to make each space look as wide and crisp as possible.

Where To Find Me


I am based in Portland, and regularly work the surrounding metropolitian area. I will travel anywhere your project requires for a minimal mileage fee.

What You Get


I always work with the highest degree of professionalism. Your business matters to me, and so do your client's needs. I strive to exceed your expectations and give you a product that you and your client derserve. Something that will make your house stand out from the rest.


I don't charge extra for changing grey skies to blue, or spot editing the photos. I believe images should come that way. Let's keep the process simple and straight forward.